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Comedy… drama… satire… compost! In these upcoming chapters, our three main characters will navigate the new company, interpersonal relationships, and what it means to be a Servant Leader. One woman falls in love with the new parent company, Procyon Lotor. Another falls out of love! Who will it be?

Meanwhile Lev is still at her leadership conference, where she is learning that communication > competency. However, trouble is brewing over coffee… WILL SHE HANDLE THE HEAT???

To be published soon! Hopefully this or next week (sorry, I suck).


Due to a totally unforeseen and unpreventable gas leak at the old wing (one that had absolutely nothing to do with negligence on the part of the parent company) our three boss babes have been promoted to join the customer service team at Procyon Lotor, a company that seeks to guide remote workers into representing their company ideals from their living rooms. Lev has been sent to a conference to learn servant leadership, leaving Allison, former intern, and Melanie, former office manager, to represent their team. Who will emerge as the ultimate servant leader? Will it be you???

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1. The Reckoningbit.ly/2YqYM96Do you know any #bridezilla? In this chapter, our favorite #girlboss goes head-to-head with one in her office! bit.ly/3sIFZ68
2. Bridezillabit.ly/3sIFZ68Have a #petty boss who takes offense to everything? In this chapter, we enter the mind of a brilliant #girlboss as she navigates employee interactions… with grace of course! bit.ly/2YqYM96
3. Master Sun, part 1bit.ly/3FKowh9Have you ever experienced a ridiculous job #interview? Do you ever wonder what goes beyond the scenes with companies that are out of touch? Enter the mind of a #girlboss as she tests candidates for a part-time position with no benefits! #corporatecringe bit.ly/2WLleJx
4. Master Sun, part 2bit.ly/2WLleJx 
Job posting When was the last time you had a #psychedelic experience? When was the last time you experienced that… with your boss? bit.ly/3muW6zh
5. Monday, part 1bit.ly/3muW6zh 
6. Monday, part 2bit.ly/3zbecfU#bosses of the world! #girlboss.. #bossbabe… how far would you go to save your team? bit.ly/3DOrtfI
7. Bloated, part 1 | Princess Mushroombit.ly/3DOrtfI 
8. Bloated, part 2 | Princess Mushroombit.ly/31zoudtHow does our #girlboss #bossbabe embrace the lessons of #suntzu…. Because of COURSE #theartofwar was written for modern-day, corporate executives! bit.ly/3FKowh9 #satire
9. Servant Leaders, part 1bit.ly/3eG5OeK 
10. Servant Leaders, Part 2 (Lev) | Princess Mushroombit.ly/3rQBRyP 
11. Servant Leaders, Part 3 (Melanie)bit.ly/3JHKHq7https://atomic-temporary-195167881.wpcomstaging.com/2022/02/18/11-servant-leaders-part-3-melanie/

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