Leviathan: Boss Babe

Spore-adic essays on life and work in the foggy city. Check out Leviathan: Boss Babe, my first series.

This is the blog for any aspiring boss-babe extraordinaire.

11. Servant Leaders, Part 3 (Melanie)

           Melanie waddled between Allison and Mackenzie as they chatted in that dignified tone that she could never muster. The conversation flew above her like tennis balls exchanged from one woman to another. She could try to join by bouncing up and down and further humiliating herself, but what was the[...]

12. Servant Leaders, Part 4 (Allison)

            Shaking, Allison set the banana peel down on her desk. She racked her memory as to what could be the cause of her trembling: The new job? The banana she just ate? Not having her political beliefs pandered to for the first time in her life?             Mackenzie, her[...]

8. Bloated, part 2

Featured: The Art of the Deal!            “Woah,” he says, setting down a flask on the nurse’s stand (“Seriously?” Melanie says when he takes a sip from it). “Why did they put you out here?”            “The hospital’s punishing me for not taking the jab,” Melanie says.            “Punishing us,” Allison says. “Are[...]

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